About Dr. Mukesh R Shah

bout Dr. Mukesh R. Shah 
Dr. Mukesh R. Shah is a great motivator,

Received PH D from Medicine Alternativa Institute  of Sri Lanka(2004)
Certified Mind power Trainer of Dr. Jeeetendra Adhia)
Certified Life Coach.(American University of NLP.(www.aunlp.org)
Certified Usui Reiki Healing Master.

Certified Business Coach. (American University of NLP).(www.aunlp.org)
Certified NLP Sales Specialist. . (American University of NLP)
The Silva Method Basic By Mr. Jayesh Patel,
2 Day Ultrra Silva Seminar by Mr. Bimol Raxeet,
N.L.P. BY Mr. Sandeep Gajjar,

N.L.P. by Mr Srikant Acharya,
Self-Hypnosis BY Steave G. John
Numerology from late Mr. Purnachandra Rao


Creator of “I Am A Money Magnet” Public Workshop  in Hyderabad & Mumbai/Kolhapur/Nasik and Poona.
Specialized in Goal Setting and Visualization in personal Training.
Specialist in Geopathic  Stress and It”S  Remedied.
Specialist in Vastu/Fung shui and its remedies. 

Organizing Public seminars/workshops of various speakers since last 10 Years in Hyderabad