Excellent Parenting - Full Day Workshop With Excersice

t Isn't Easy Being a Parent...
Parenting can be wonderful and rewarding, but it can also be difficult and unpleasant. Most parents experience moments (or months or years) of feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot of information out there about what we “should” do to raise “good” kids.

In reality, there are no guaranteed methods for ensuring we and our children will be happy, healthy, and successful in life. There is, however, plenty of research showing that parents can make a significant, positive difference through a number of simple approaches.

Since the 1950s, Search Institute researchers have studied the effects of various influences in young people’s lives. They’ve found that the 40 Developmental Assets clearly relate to good things — like doing well in school, serving others, engaging in the community, and forming healthy habits.

It’s important for grown-ups to help young people experience these things, but parents can’t do it alone. However, there are nine specific parenting strategies that help. Focusing on these nine research-based strategies provides guidance and direction in the uncertain world of parenting. And that’s something parents can feel good about.

An Excellent  Parenting is to foster child with unconditional love and security in such a way that it could grow with sound mind and body, values and ability to keep striving to achieve broader goals of life even in unfavorable circumstances.

About Full Day Workshop

Excellent  Parenting is the program that explains

  • Parenting is more about parent behavior and less about children.
  • Parenting is not just financing.
  • Mother`s touch is more important than mother`s sweet.
  • Parents are Role Model for children.
  • Elder`s unawareness is begetting child Behavioral Disorders
  • Understanding Child Psychology in different stages from infancy to teenage to adulthood.
  • Positively Program your child mindset for study, Goal setting , right behavior.
  • Crucial role of appreciation and motivation.
  • Importance of formative years in child development.
  • Mastering the Excellent Parenting shows miraculous results.
  • Cordial relations full of love ,trust and respect
  • Better bonding due to friendly behavior.
  • Children share their perplexing problems and seek advice.
  • Cource Certification
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